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Express English Travel Course: just the right vocabulary, phrases and grammar for travelling abroad.


Welcome to learn English for Travel Online

In just intensive tuition 1 month, you will master the phrases and expressions for easy communication in an English speaking country. You will be able to speak English at the airport when buying and booking tickets, in cafes and restaurants, when booking a room and talking to hotel staff, with the country people while walking around town and visiting shops and much, much more. By enrolling on the course, you will be able to communicate abroad without the need for interpreters and translators.

5 reasons to join an English for Travel course

1 month (4-5 weeks)

Type of classes Online from any gadget

Training format Group of up to 10 people

Course duration

A Russian-Speaking Teacher Is appointed


Over 600 useful words, phrases and expressions

No tedious grammar and no superfluous information

Lessons 80% with real-life dialogue practice

Help with pronunciation and speaking skills

English Level A1 (Elementary) or higher


Our consultants will contact you and help you make the right choice


This course is for those who:

  • Are about to embark on a trip abroad in the near future;
  • Travelling extensively, or who have tourism as a hobby;
  • Are tired of being dependent on an interpreter and gadgets when travelling;
  • Wants to be prepared for the unexpected;
  • Dreams of mastering English as a tool for dealing with life's situations while travelling;
  • Plans to communicate with English-speaking countries natives.

How to start learning

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Tuition fees

Tuition is paid before the second class in the group - for a month (16 academic hours) or before individual tuition - for the lessons selected package.

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The beginning of studies

Start learning according to the curriculum.

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