irina4I once chose this courses because of comfort: and acceptable price, a fitting schedule, and a close proximity. And then I convinced my daughter to join in, who prior to this studied in another course. Right now she has a higher knowledge than me, so she goes to a higher level group, but we go to the same center. 

I have an engineering education, and all my English knowledge was limited by some technical translations, and even then I had a long break. Only after that I understood, that knowing a foreign language is almost a requirement for every person who desires to be educated, and I’m setting my daughter to this. She has better capabilities for languages than I do, that is why she is already learning her second foreign language. She already mastered german during her school and student years. This will surely come in handy, both in her work and in her life, since the world is becoming thighter. You don’t even need to travel anymore, Internet is at the disposition of almost everybody, and there the English language opens so many door to find all the information that you would ever need. 

Where you really see the “fruits” of your work during the courses is during your travels. Las summer we traveled to Malta, where English is the second national language. I could ask for anything in a cafeteria, in a store or in the public transport even in my previous travels, but I never understood what people answered me. And that summer I suddenly started to “hear” the English speech. I remember we ordered a local dish in a restaurant, а whole beaked sea bass with maltese condiments. The waiter told us all the ingredients, and then showed us a master class on cutting ready-made fish, with some following instructions. And I didn’t had to pretend I understood any of that, because I actually did. We went on a sea tour with an English guide, and didn’t find any comprehension issues there either. So my courses were not in vain. 

Our teacher, Ilona Homich, explains everything in a very clear and understandable manner, she tries to understand what issues every and all of her students have, and how to affront said problems. You really feel that individual approach, which not all schools have. That is probably the reason why I want to continue learning here. By the way, in our group almost half the students are already studying for the second year in a row. All thanks to the ability of our teacher to unite the group from the very beginning, despite the age difference. And that is very important.