I have wanted to improve my English language for a very long time, and then I heard from a friend that she wen’t to this courses. I decided to give it a try. The lessons have been going for some time already and I decided to join in after visiting their free trial lesson.  

I liked my group from the very beginning. They don’t put many people together, and that is why the teacher has enough time to attend to everyone. The pace was good and I had enough time to consolidate some old knowledge, and to learn a bunch of new things.

The teacher spoke with us in English. It was unusual at first, but then I got used to it and I started to feel some sort of gratification, since I started to understand everything and I could answer almost without preparation.

We trained in several fields at the same time. We were learning grammar, we discussed different situations that can be found in your daily life, by pairs and as a group. We read a lot of interesting texts, listened to English natives and tried to understand them.

The most interesting thing was to watch films in English. And to my amusement, I understood a lot. Having learned some of the material we did tests. it was amazing to see how I moved forward.

Our lessons were very exciting thanks to our teacher. We didn’t just plainly memorize materials. Every lesson there was some kind of pleasant surprise in the form of a game, an activity, a poem, or something of the like. We discussed a lot of real life situations, and everything was in English. Thanks to this, studying was interesting and all the materials were memorized for longer periods. 

Right after the courses finished I went on my honeymoon to Paris, passing through Berlin, Amsterdam and Cologne. That is when I felt that the knowledge I got was not in vain. Walking around Berlin we wandered into a cafeteria, and the waiter only spoke Dutch and English. 

I was afraid at first, I didn’t know if he would understand me. But then I gathered myself, remembered all the things I could say, and started speaking English. It was my first conversation with a foreigner, and i nailed it! We understood each other. In the cafeteria, in the store, everywhere I went I could speak English freely. But the first experience I will remember forever. 

That is how I made use of my knowledge!