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Cambridge Assessment English

How to learn English online at any age

Assessing language proficiency

All you need to register is your name, email and phone number.

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Determining the learning objective, setting the timetable

Determine the level, formulate a learning objective, and select a teacher and group.

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Free trial lesson 20 minutes

A free online lesson led by the course tutor.

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Tuition fees

Tuition is paid before the second class in the group - for a month (16 academic hours) or before individual tuition - for the lessons selected package.

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Study in groups or individually at your own pace and format

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Options for Online English Programmes for Adults

General English for Beginners and Continuing Learners

Groups are formed according to the students starting level and are taught according to the appropriate level of the CEFR language competence scale (A0-C1). Assignments adapted for online learning are used. The course is based on the Oxford English textbook and many virtual services are integrated into the learning process. One level takes 2-6 months to complete, depending on the classes frequency.

englishpapa онлайн
englishpapa онлайн

Private English lessons online

The most popular course, allowing for maximum flexibility in programme design. The teacher focuses on the skill that is most important to the student.
You can study only in lessons or include homework a large amount, give priority to speaking or writing, choose any dialogue topics, move faster or slower than the group at the appropriate level. Classes can be arranged on any timetable: it is even possible to adapt to a staggered work schedule!

Spoken English course online

The English conversation course takes two months and is held in a multi-level group. You normally have an A2 to B2 level but want to improve your speaking skills in the language. Oral speaking (listening and dialogue) takes up the class whole duration. Exercises are done in pairs, threesomes, group discussions and games. The main result of the lessons is the language barrier overcoming and the readiness to communicate in a foreign language.

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englishpapa онлайн
englishpapa онлайн

Corporate English courses online

Corporate employee training is provided for business needs or offered to employees for self-development as their benefits package part. The online version is convenient for companies with a shift or travelling workplace, as it allows employees to participate in classes at home, in the office and on business trips at the same time. General and conversational English and business speech courses are available for companies, depending on demand. Individual training for executives and key employees is also possible.

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Online courses for adults learn English

English online one-to-one

The free trial lesson is led by a manager with English and pedagogical training knowledge. His/her task is to determine the knowledge initial level, to introduce the learning environment, to clarify with the student the language objectives, to draw up an individual study plan and to help you choose a suitable teacher.The lesson with the teacher starts after you have paid for the lessons chosen package (from 4 lessons). The lesson usual duration is 50 minutes; 2-3 lessons per week are recommended.

English online in a group starting

The school manager conducts a consultation with the knowledge initial level an assessment, defining the study objective and timeframe for its achievement, choosing the study format and selecting a suitable group. The student then attends a group session, evaluating the virtual classroom and the teacher’s work style, and then pays for the study next semester. Afterwards, training is based on the timetable for the selected group: 2-3 sessions per week for 2-3 academic hours. Homework is given using the virtual learning services.

Our advantages

Qualified teachers

Free choice of teacher and timetable

Free conversation clubs after school

Interactive exercises

Communicative approach to learning

Opportunity to study abroad

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Study in groups or individually at your own pace and format

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