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Pre-Intermediate level — English for communication

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Pre-Intermediate, or A2 English level, as well as pre-threshold, logically continues the Elementary level, allowing you to consolidate and even better train the knowledge available at this moment and replenish your vocabulary. Even if you have not studied English before, you can still start learning from this level. To do this, take the test and find out which level is right for you.

Who should start studying from the Pre-Intermediate level

When choosing a course from which you plan to start learning English, in addition to the test, you can rely on some subjective feelings. So, this stage is for you if:

  • you have already studied English once (at school, university, courses), but knowledge needs a shake-up: you are unsure of yourself or haven’t practiced for a long time;
  • you have a large vocabulary, but you make mistakes in grammatical constructions;
  • it is difficult to perceive English speech, especially when communicating with a native speaker;
  • you understand the interlocutor well, you can read simple texts, but you are afraid to speak;
  • you have recently completed English courses at A1 level.

What will you know after the course

At this level, you will consolidate and expand the topics covered earlier, as well as learn new ones. In grammar, tenses (Present, Past and Future Simple, Continuous, Perfect), infinitive and gerund, comparative degrees of adjectives, modal verbs, prepositions of time and place, passive voice, indirect speech, and conditional sentences, all are waiting for you.

As for the lexical component, such topics as family and friends, appearance, everything related to work, hobbies and recreation, education, transport, shopping and shopping will be submitted to you. You will be able to tell about your habits, nutrition, sports activities. Discuss the weather and world news.

How will your skills be developed during Pre-Intermediate

Having mastered the Pre-Intermediate level, you will be able to communicate more freely on all everyday topics, talk about yourself, write letters. The most important thing is that you will learn to coherently express your thoughts and feelings about different situations. You will achieve such a result with the help of a deeper assimilation of basic skills in comparison with the previous level: vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing, listening.

  • Your vocabulary will expand, stable expressions, phrasal verbs will appear.
  • You will be able to read and understand more complex texts — newspaper articles, country guides, adapted articles from magazines and the Internet.
  • Competent use of speech skills will allow you to discuss what you have read, not only to talk more fully about yourself, but also to describe your travels, understand advertising texts, retell simple texts.
  • Writing skills will also improve. Now a business letter and a simple essay will be available to you.
  • And finally, the most difficult skill for many students — listening will become easier and easier to you. You will be able to grasp the meaning of a film and understand the adapted audiobook.

How long does it take to master the Pre-Intermediate level

At your stage it may take you from 6 to 9 months to master this level. It all depends on the available knowledge and your abilities.

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