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TOEFL iBT preparation at EnglishPapa will help you score highly on the test. To pass the test with 100 or higher a score, you need not only to know English, but also to master the principles of academic writing, understand different pronunciations, be aware of cultural stereotypes in the USA, and know all the questions types used in the test. Success an essential part is practice a lot with real tests. EnglishPapa has it all!

Advantages of taking a TOEFL online course with EnglishPapa

Experienced teachers with US English knowledge

Learn from international language schools

Comfortable learning environment

Choice between Russian speaking teachers and native speakers

Test materials in-house library

Free trial lesson with lesson plan

What will the trial lesson contain?

Information on test structures and main exercises

Introduction to TOEFL iBT preparation textbooks and other resources.

Assessing baseline knowledge, setting learning objectives

Develop a study plan, and estimate financial and time costs

Getting to know the virtual classroom interface

Selecting Russian or English speaking teacher

You will be able to use what you learn on your own, but most likely you will opt for a more effective training with EnglishPapa.

Read more about TOEFL iBT

The TOEFL iBT is based on the English American version used in academic settings. Test results are required for admission in more than 8,500 universities in 130 countries around the world. The test covers the main language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each skill is assessed separately, with the scores adding up but also showing separately on the certificate. Typically, a possible 120 100 out a score is needed to gain admission to a top university. The TOEFL iBT is taken at computers in accredited centres around the world. Specially trained assessors test the assignments some are tested automatically and some, without the assessor knowing whose work he or she is judging.

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What you need to learn


  • Summarise what you have read and heard
  • Write long texts in time a limited amount
  • Comply with academic writing norms
  • Structure a text well, using an essay structure.
  • Follow the grammar rules, spelling and punctuation in writing.


  • Understand English with pronunciation different types, including British
  • Distinguish clearly between numbers and place names in spoken language
  • Recognise the a statement overall meaning using intonation, even without knowing individual words
  • Emphasise what is important in speech, and make notes as we listen
  • Answer questions about what is being said


  • Read lengthy popular science articles from a screen
  • Catch what is being read, even without understanding individual words
  • Understand long sentences with grammatical structures all types
  • Look up information in a text based on the keywords in a question.
  • Distinguish between different types of questions in a text.


  • Speak about a given topic without an interlocutor
  • Discuss real-life and social situations
  • Answer questions in detail, using facts from listening comprehension
  • Demonstrate the abstract vocabulary active use
  • Speak correctly, without speech errors

TOEFL online preparation options at EnglishPapa

One-on-one tuition

  • Assess initial proficiency
  • Starting at any level
  • Russian speaking teacher or native speaker for your choice
  • Personalized learning path
  • Working through all sections of the test, focusing on the key section for the learner
  • Time management strategies, test culture development
  • Coaching on real life test cases
  • Rehearse testing
englishpapa онлайн

More about School

EnglishPapa is an English language school that uses the international language school networks experience and employs native English speakers as teachers. The school caters for all age’s people and for both individuals and organisations. EnglishPapa has a tried and tested approach and excellent customer service. The school respects students' individual needs and focuses on the international education market standards. Together with the educational agency BookYourStudy we also offer study abroad support.

Come, take a TOEFL course, and get a maximum score on the test!

  • Leave your contacts to arrange a time for an online meeting.
  • Turn on your computer at the right time and ask your homemates not to distract you from the class.
  • Have your pen and paper ready to take notes.
  • Take the free lesson and start moving towards your goal.