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Intermediate level — transition from quantity to quality

Intermediate, or B1, is already serious. Having mastered this level of English, you will be able to take exams at a university, take preparatory courses abroad, get a job where they require an interview for English language skills. This is an intermediate level that will teach you to speak fluently enough and understand speech delivered at a normal pace.

Who should start studying from the Intermediate level

So, when is it time to move on to this stage of learning English? There are several signs that show you that Intermediate is the next step for you:

  • you can speak fluently, but it is difficult to choose the right words sometimes;
  • you have a decent vocabulary, but sometimes you require a translator’s help;
  • you understand the English speech, but only if your interlocutor speeks slowly and clearly;
  • you have mastered all basic grammar rules, but the more complicated ones seem rather difficult;
  • you have recently mastered the Pre-Intermediate level.

How will you improve after the course

This level helps to overcome the language barrier. To do this, you will need something more than to increase your vocabulary or to learn to understand your interlocutor. You will also need to adequately use the word-bundles and master complex grammatical forms.

You will be able to master more abstract topics other than just some everyday vocabulary. For example, when describing people, you will know how to describe personal characteristics and someone’s personality. Business, education, envoronment, natural disasters, the media, the film industry, romantic relationships, success and bad luck, crimes and punishments, social problems; the list of topics expands notieably and makes you a more interestinc interlocutor.

Your new grammar topics will be subordinate clauses of tense, determinative, phrasal verbs, the remaining basic tenses, for example, Past and Future Perfect Continuous. And of course, you will continue to study familiar topics more deeply, getting acquainted with all the nuances.

How will your skills develop a this stage

When you master the intermediate course your skills will develop more and more rapidly. Progress will be noticeable in all areas: speaking, reading, listening, writing, vocabulary.

  • Your vocabulary will grow to 2000-3000 words. You will learn more serious words and expressions, various phrases and idioms will appear, you will be able to easily select synonyms and antonyms.
  • You will speak fluently on any of the topics above for about 2-3 minutes. To achieve a good result, try to actively train your speaking skills in each lesson.
  • You will be able to easily read complex adapted texts, the press in English and you can try to switch to unadapted ones. Also, you will be able not only to retell what you have read, but also to give express your opinion.
  • Now you will be able to confidently spend your leisure time watching original movies and TV series, though you might still need subtitles. Listening skills also improve at this level: you will easily understand information on common topics.
  • After completing your studies at this level, you will be able to write any friendly or business letter, fill out a resume, write a review about a film you have watched.

The skills acquired at this stage will allow you to start preparing for  international English exams, such as IELTS and TOEFL.

How long does it take to master the Intermediate level

The duration of training at this stage strongly depends on the motivation and interest of the student. On average, you may need from 6 to 9 months. Remember that this is the last basic level, then you will improve your existing skills, deepen them and practice.

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