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Upper-Intermediate — English level for living abroad

The Upper-Intermediate level, or B2, is called the threshold advanced, i.e. above average. Having mastered it, you will be able to communicate freely on almost any topic, pass the TOEFL or IELTS exams. Knowledge of the language at this level allows you to live, study and work abroad. To understand if it’s time for you to move on to this stage, take the English test on our website.

When should you start to learn the Upper-Intermediate level

You’re ready to master the B2 level if:

  • you can easily answer any questions, you can discuss about any topic;
  • you make only a few lexical and grammatical mistakes, and you can notice them and correct yourself;
  • you can understand a native speaker right away, even if you hear unknown words;
  • you have mastered the grammar basis and now have to go deeper;
  • you have recently finished the Intermediate courses;
  • you have taken Upper-Intermediate courses before, but you want to remember everything;
  • you are planning to take IELTS or TOEFL.

How will you improve during the course

Upon completion of the course, in addition to the lexical component already mastered at previous levels, you will add to your arsenal deeper knowledge on topics such as national stereotypes, emotions and feelings, diseases and their treatment, ambitions and achievement of goals, business and money, progress and development, art, clothing and fashion, and many others.

As for grammar, you will repeat and deepen your knowledge of all English tenses in the active and passive voice, comparative constructions, conditional sentences, all groups of modal verbs, gerund and infinitive, indirect speech, tense coordination, word formation, word-bundles, official and unofficial styles.

How will your skills develop during the Upper-Intermediate stage

The lessons will be based on the systematization of existing knowledge and in-depth mastering of each of the skills: vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing, listening.

  • Your vocabulary will be significantly expanded. Now you will be free to operate 2800-4000 words. You will learn new antonyms and synonyms, phrasal verbs, get acquainted with the business style.
  • You will be able to read complex texts on both general and abstract topics with understanding. Unadapted literature in English, newspaper and magazine articles, news and articles will also be available to you, and you will only sometimes need the aid of a translator. Scientific and technical texts are still difficult to fully understand, but you will be able to grasp the general meaning.
  • Free, diverse and rich speech, long coherent sentences, a monologue for a few minutes: all this will be awaiting for you at the end of the Upper-Intermediate course. You will be able to keep up with a conversation with several people, express your point of view, add arguments to it.
  • You will master competent writing using a variety of grammatical constructions. To compose a structured text in the form of an essay will also be a feasible task. In addition, you will learn how to fill out various instructions, documents, and business papers.
  • And finally, listening skills will improve significantly. You will understand the speech of an English-speaking person, even when the interlocutor speaks at a fast pace or with a slight accent. You will easily watch TV series, even without subtitles, understand adapted audio texts at a fast pace, listen to audiobooks with simple vocabulary.

How long does it take to master Upper-Intermediate

The duration of training at this stage will depend on the regularity of classes, your mood and individual characteristics. On average, it takes from six to nine months to master this level. The training will not be easy, it will require serious work on the part of both the student and the teacher. But the reward will be an excellent knowledge of the language, which will allow you to grow up the career ladder or move abroad.

If you wish to develop your English this far, we invite you to our English courses in our school EnglishPapa. To grasp a better understanding of the learning program and get to know your teacher you can sign up to a free trial lesson of English online. Also, why don’t you give our English level test a go? It will help you determine your level and more accurately join a group.

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