Levels of English language: description and tests

Before starting your courses of English language it’s important to know your level of English. As provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR) several English levels are established. There are 6 levels, starting with the elementary (А1 / Elementary) and finishing with the fluent speech (С / Advanced). Mastering every level on our courses of English Online takes around 2 to 3 months depending on the intensity of the lessons. 

Language levels according to CEFR

А0 Beginner (Starter) — The basics of the English language

А1 Elementary — your foundation in learning English

А2 Pre-Intermediate — the basis of the basics of the English language

В1 Intermediate — transition from quantity into quality

В2 Upper-Intermediate — English level for your life abroad

С1 Advanced — speaking English fluently

Brief description of skills according to the levels of English language

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 Beginner or Elementary level test

 Elementary or Pre-intermediate level test

 Pre-intermediate or Intermediate level test

 Intermediate or Upper-intermediate level test

 Upper-intermediate or Advanced level test

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