The trial lesson in the language school EnglishPapa is a great opportunity to evaluate the prospect of online learning and get an answer to the main question: will learning English online be effective?

The lesson goes online completelyFREE and it’s avaliable for anyone who desires.

Learning formats

Online group lessons

Group classes have accessible prices and are motivating thanks to our group discipline. Classes are held in a convenient virtual classroom, where you can develop all language skills (speaking, reading, listening comprehension, writing), communicate in groups and in pairs. People from different cities and countries meet at the courses. Thanks to the communicative method, all students start speaking English from the first lesson! Not only conventional lessons are held online, but also our Talking Club.

Online individual lessons

The most effective format for those who value every minute. Since there is no need to waste time on the road, and the whole lesson is dedicated to one student. Extremely flexible schedule, including adaptation to rolling schedules. The program is designed individually for each student to help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

How to start learning

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Join the ZOOM call via the provided link

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Study in groups or individually at your convenient pace in any suitable format

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So, what awaits you in the lesson:

Introductory conversation with a teacher-methodologist
A visual representation of how lessons take place on the ZOOM platform: trust us, it's very simple
Clarifying your goals and priorities in language learning: we will formulate, concretize, and define deadlines

— Testing all aspects of English proficiency in accordance with the CEFR and determining your level.

— Developing the most effective learning strategy: the studying format (group, individual), the intensity of classes, the selection of textbooks and the choice of a teacher.

We guarantee that none of your wishes will be ignored!