Test your English level

Taking the English test on our web EnglishPapa is a universal method to discover your level of English. If you have 30-40 minutes to spare, then give it a go and find out where you should start from. 

Advantages of our online English test

Available for everybody

You can take the test from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is internet connection. You will test your grammar, vocabulary, reading skills, etc. 

Free of charge

To take the test there is no need for payment. No SMS or registration. The test results will be sent directly to your e-mail. 


This online test was developed based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The difficulty of the test will vary depending on the level you choose. 


The results you will get will show you as accurately as possible your level of English. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses, and you will find out what areas of the English language you should improve. 

Why should you take the English test?

If you want to successfully start to learn English on our courses it’s essential to know your language level. It’s about a 50% of the success at the beginning. With your results in hand, you can show them to your teacher during our free interview. You will get acquainted, ask any questions about the studying process, decide when and how often will the lessons take place (the lessons will be online), the teacher will choose the most fitting group for you based on your english level, your capabilities, goals and preferences. Naturally, your classmates will have about the same level of English as you do. Which means everyone will have the same conditions and nobody will feel like they are getting behind, or get bored because of an excessively simple program.  

How to determine your level of English?

Choose a test according to the level of English you expect you have. If you have no idea, the you can start from the beginning.  

 Beginner or Elementary level test

 Elementary or Pre-intermediate level test

 Pre-intermediate or intermediate level test

 Intermediate or Upper-intermediate level test

 Upper-intermediate or Advanced level test

You can find more detailed information about English levels in other articles

А0 Beginner (Starter) — The basics of the English language

А1 Elementary — your foundation in learning English

А2 Pre-Intermediate — the basis of the basics of the English level

В1 Intermediate — transition from quantity into quality

В2 Upper-Intermediate — English level for your life abroad

С1 Advanced — speak English fluently