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Preparation for IELTS

At school, the EnglishPapa will help you get a high score during the test. To pass the test for 6-9 points, you need to not only know English, but also to take into account the cultural characteristics of the English, understand questions different types, master the academic writing an essay and the features structure. And practice a lot with real test materials. The EnglishPapa will all this take care!

Online IELTS courses benefits at the EnglishPapa

Experienced teachers from around the world

Using the English international schools methods

Convenient virtual classroom

The choice between Russian-speaking teachers and native speakers

Free trial lesson with a study plan

What will happen in the trial lesson?

Information about the test structure and the tasks main types

Story about the teaching materials used

The knowledge initial level assessment, the training purpose determination

Drawing up a study plan, financial and time costs assessment

Introduction to the virtual class interface

A Russian-speaking or English-speaking teacher selection

You will be able to use the acquired knowledge for self-study, but, most likely, you will prefer more effective training in the EnglishPapa.

Learn more about the IELTS test

The International IELTS test is based on British English. It is represented by varieties Academic (for study) and General for work and emigration). The test tests knowledge in four areas: Writing (writing), Listening (listening comprehension), Reading (text comprehension), Speaking . Each skill is evaluated separately, and then the arithmetic average is displayed. To enter a university abroad, you usually need to score from 6 points on a 9-point scale. IELTS is conducted in accredited centers around the world, the test is centrally checked by specially trained experts. The verification procedure is designed in such a way that the expert cannot, under any circumstances, check his student work.

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What needs to be learned


  • Describe graphs and tables different types
  • Use a basic essay structure, including basic text patterns
  • Create consecutive and connected paragraphs
  • Abstract vocabulary free use
  • Write in a neutral, academic tone, following proper spelling


  • Capture the what is said meaning with one listening
  • Do not long listening get tired, take notes rationally
  • Pay attention to the main information in the statement
  • Understand speech with different accents
  • Answer questions all types on what you have heard


  • Quickly read voluminous popular science texts
  • Understand complex grammatical structures and abstract vocabulary
  • Understand the what is read meaning, even without knowing individual words
  • Search for relevant information in the text
  • Answer questions different types about what you have read


  • Imagine the speaking section three parts each
  • Talk non-stop for 2 minutes on any, even unexpected topic
  • Answer questions in full sentences
  • Demonstrate a rich vocabulary
  • Avoid speech errors

Online IELTS preparation options at EnglishPapa

Individual training

  • The knowledge initial level assessment
  • Start learning at any level
  • Introduction to test structure
  • Russian-speaking teacher or native speaker of your choice
  • IELTS General or IELTS Academic on choice
  • Individual educational route
  • Writing , Reading , Listening & Speaking : working through the test all sections with an emphasis on the key for the student
  • Training on real test tasks
  • Rehearsal testing
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More about the school

The EnglishPapa is an English language school established in 2014 based on the foreign languages international network schools experience study. In addition to well-developed methodological foundations, it is distinguished by a developed client service, respect for the students individual needs and orientation towards the international education market. The school teaches English to all ages’ people, individuals and corporate clients. Together with the educational agency the BookYourStudy , she helps her students to experience education abroad.

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  • At the right time, turn on the computer and ask your family not to distract you from class
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