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Sergey Sulimov


Learning English is quicker and more productive if you do it with fun. Sometimes you can move away from memorising words and rules to a lighter, more fun way to learn English. Today we’re going to talk about games for learning English..


How games help you learn English

There is no tricky secret here. There is simply an interactive element that is present in every game, making it easier to remember, whether it is vocabulary, grammar rules or pronunciation peculiarities. The competitive element motivates to play the game without mistakes and to get the best score. The game may seem like an easier learning method than the others may, so you will be happy to go back to it again. This is the most important principles one in language learning – regularity.

We have put together games a variety for you: games that are suitable for children, games that are suitable for adults, games that can be played without the gadgets and even video games use.


Games in the offline version

These games can be played anywhere and anytime. They are also great for fun in company and for group activities.

1. Scrabble

The game is very simple: you have to assemble words from the given letters and get points for it (for each letter points, a certain number is given). You can make new words the ones out you have already made. If you can’t make the word, you skip your turn. The one who gets more points by the game end wins. Bring a dictionary – you’re sure someone will have an unfamiliar word for you.

Suitable for pupils all levels, even children with at least a basic vocabulary.


2.  Taboo

At first glance, the game may seem easy: you get a card with a word to explain. However, there is a difficulty: underneath the word itself is other words a list that cannot be used in the explanation. Therefore, you’ll have to work hard to find workarounds and use associations. In this game, you will not only consolidate your vocabulary, but also practice an important speaking skill.

Recommended for Intermediate level and above.


3.  Words

You have probably played this game in Russian. The rules are simple: the host writes a long word and the players have to make as many new words as possible from that word letters in the allotted time. If several players create the same word, they get, for example, 5 points each, for a unique word, you get 10. The player with the most points wins.

Recommended for all levels, great for reinforcing vocabulary when completing a new topic.


4.  Scattergories

Again, you have to remember the words. You choose a category, e.g. ‘things that are green’, then choose a letter, e.g. ‘T’, and make up all the possible words that fit the requirements. Categories and letters must be written on cards in advance. For rare words that no one else has written, the player gets more points.

The game is suitable for any level from Intermediate and above. The main thing is to choose the appropriate categories for the level.


Applications and online games

These games will be with you wherever you take your gadget with you. The time most you don’t need a real companion to play them, you may need a virtual one, but not always. They take up no space, don’t tear, don’t get lost and don’t require additional materials.


5.   Funbrain

It’s not just one game, but an entire website with games in English. The most popular one is Word Confusion. The player has to choose two words one and put it in the missing word place in the sentence. The game is great for practicing words that could easily be mixed up, like their and there, advice and advise. The games many on this site are designed to both practise grammar and vocabulary. The games many can be played on both easy and difficult levels.

The games on the website are suitable for learning different levels.


6.  Digital Dialects

This is a word memory game. Includes 15 mini-games, after which each you will enrich your vocabulary by 10-15 new words. You can first review, listen and learn them, and then reinforce them as you play. When you go through the whole program, you will have learned over the most common words a hundred.

It is recommended for Beginner level learners.


7.  English Grammar Quiz

The app is entirely devoted to grammar tests and teaches you how to formulate your thoughts and formulate sentences correctly. The game momentum is achieved through difficulty several levels, which can only be progressed after passing the previous one, receiving coins that can be spent on questions, and the possibility to answer against time.

Recommended for Pre-Intermediate level and above.


8.   Knoword

This is a word practice game. You are given a concept or object a description, its speech part is called, and the word first letter is given and you guess it. You can choose the game time, difficulty and theme: classic, world capitals, US state capitals and others. With this game, you’ll reinforce the words you’ve learned, learn new ones and practice your spelling.

Recommended for Intermediate.



Most video games are suitable for the Intermediate or even Upper-Intermediate level and are aimed not so much at primary vocabulary or grammar learning as at understanding it in context, practicing listening and improving existing knowledge. Choose quests, role-playing or interactive games to make learning easier. Shooting games and puzzles are less suitable, as they have little dialogue and interesting storylines.


9.  Life is Strange

Genre: A detective with fantasy elements. Plot: A girl witnesses a murder and is given the travelling back in time gift. Then she continues to conduct a detective investigation. There is dialogue a lot in the game, and your choices each will determine the the game further development.


10.  Witcher

Writer Andrzej Sapkowski bases the three-player Witcher series on the same name novel series. Despite the battles abundance (humans, monsters, elves, witches) the games have a fairly deep plot, with room for both folklore and political intrigue.


11.  LA Noire

Genre: Detective. The action takes place in Los Angeles in 1947. You, playing as the protagonist – a police officer, investigate various crimes: collecting clues, observing, interviewing witnesses and looking for the culprit. The game has dialogue a lot, which needs to be handled very carefully, and vocabulary a variety.


12.  Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

This game is only suitable for you if you’ve seen the TV series or read the novel, because you need to understand the plot and be familiar with the characters. There’s action and interesting dialogue plenty in the game. The Forrester family’s fate depends largely on the latter.

Learning English in a game isn’t just about using an online app. By turning to this method, you can make the process as varied as possible. Let your English learning experience always be a fun journey.


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