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A great way to get your comfort zone out and get your English up to C2


More about the course and how it goes

Native speaker teachers teach the course. All EnglishPapa teachers are internationally certified to teach English as a Foreign Language and have teaching Russian-speaking students’ experience. The course programme is based on modern, proven materials and can be easily adapted to suit the student's needs. We are confident that with an EnglishPapa course you will be fluent in English as a second mother tongue.

Why choose EnglishPapa?

Format - online from any gadget. Recommended laptop or tablet

One lesson 50 minutes minimum

Packages available: 4, 8, 16, 32 lessons to choose from

Schedule of meetings to be set in consultation


8 "FOR" English courses with Native

The language barrier get rid quickly and permanently

Correct pronunciation without a Russian accent

Develop English easy listening comprehension

Acquiring fluency and the ability to think in English

Speech expansion with modern idioms and neologisms

Getting to know the teacher cultural background

Gaining lasting confidence in your language skills

Getting errors rid you didn't even know you had


Our consultants will contact you and help you make the right choice


Whom is this course for:

Classes with a native English teacher have their own specific requirements. In addition, if there is one thing you cannot do for yourself, it is worth taking an A2-B1 English course first. You do not need English all the “power” yet, and a lesson entirely in English will be difficult for both you and the teacher.

  • • You know for sure that your English level is at least Intermediate
  • • You know the grammar basic rule and apply them
  • • You speak English and explain yourself, substituting synonyms for words you don't know

Are you still wondering if it is time to learn English with a native speaker or if it's too early? Leave your details and a course tutor will contact you for a consultation

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Tuition is paid before the second class in the group - for a month (16 academic hours) or before individual tuition - for the lessons selected package.

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